Message from the Director

Cancer is a journey. A journey of many twists and turns that not only involves complicated medical decisions, but can involve emotional, relationship, practical and financial challenges as well. In order to navigate this complex journey successfully, you need the right information, information that is trusted, information that is compassionate. Information that will allow you to make the right choices. At we wish to empower each and every cancer patient and their loved ones who visits our site with the right knowledge, to equip you each step of the way from diagnosis to recovery. We are here to walk with you along your cancer journey. We have assembled top cancer physicians from the region, experienced, key opinion leaders who are recognized experts in our fields, to provide you the latest information on proven medical therapies. Together, we form a network that extends beyond borders to pool together our expertise for your benefit. Welcome to!

Dr Tho Lye Mun

Director Cancer Pro (Malaysia), MBBS (Sydney), MRCP (UK), FRCR (UK), PhD(Glasgow), CCT Clinical Oncology (UK)

Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran

Director Cancer Pro (Singapore)
MRCP (UK), BSc (Hons), MD, FAMS (Med Onco)