Emotions of Cancer

Anger and Cancer

Anger is a very common emotion to experience when you have received a cancer diagnosis. It can appear at any stage of your journey, and there are several reasons why you can feel angry, such as:

  • The changes your body will go through
  • Hardship
  • Family/friend reactions
  • Loss of freedom
  • The side effects of cancer and its treatment

How to cope with anger

Anger is a natural emotion. It is completely normal and natural to experience anger surrounding cancer, and you should not feel guilty for being mad. It is important however, to ensure that your anger is expressed in a healthy way.

Some unhealthy responses to anger can include:

  • Avoiding your emotions
  • Lashing out at family or friends
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

Some healthy responses to anger can include:

  • Recognizing your anger and considering the feelings that are within the anger such as fear or sadness
  • Expressing feelings as soon as they arise before they can build up
  • Utilize your anger to find energy to complete activities such as exercise, art, music or relaxation therapies

Your response to anger in a positive light can create positive change. Often, a healthy anger response can give you the motivation you need to conquer the many challenges along the way of your cancer journey.

Seeking help

If your anger becomes too overwhelming, it is recommended that you seek some form of counselling or speaking with a mental health professional. By seeking help from a professional, you can accomplish a range of things such as:

  • Identifying your triggers
  • Avoiding negative reactions
  • Identifying and implementing a range of positive reactions
  • Learning coping skills

By seeking professional help, you may also identify any other emotions or responses to your cancer journey, benefiting your mental health all around.