Cancer and the Elderly

Living with Cancer

Cancer Treatment for Older Adults

For older adults, you can consider one or a combination of the following treatments:

Advanced Cancer Care

Advanced cancer is end-stage cancer that doctors cannot cure. Its other name is terminal cancer. Your health care team can treat your advanced cancer, but they cannot cure it. And they can still support you in maintaining a good quality of life.

The following are the treatment options for advanced cancer:

  • Standard treatment. It is the current or most effective treatment available.
  • Clinical trials. Research studies that test new drugs and particular types of cancer treatments.
  • Palliative care. Care that provides a comfortable life.
  • Hospice Care. It is the care provided in the last days of your life that you are going to spend your life with your family members. It is available when you are free from your treatment in your final living days.

Understanding these types of care can help you and your health care team to plan your needs, goals, and wishes for the rest of your life.