Living with Cancer

The Need for Spiritual Support

Palliative care or supportive care helps the person to relieve symptoms and side effects as a part of treatment. This Spiritual support helps to find some peaceful solutions for you and your loved ones during the cancer treatment. It has used at any time during cancer treatment.

Who provides spiritual support?

chaplain or spiritual care advisor provides spiritual support to people. They are generally a part of the health care team, and they trained to talk about many spiritual topics, and they help you to find some peacemaking ways. These chaplains have no religion, and they work with people of all backgrounds.

Every cancer center often has several chaplains from different faiths. If you are not comfortable with the first chaplain, you can consult your health care team to see someone else.

Who can receive spiritual support?

Spiritual support is always the best option to support a person’s psychological health. So, palliative care can be received at any time. It helps you to forget about your issues about cancer risks and problems. In these cases, your health care team will always support you to find your helpful chaplain, and you can discuss your concerns with your spiritual advisor at any time.

What if I am not religious?

You do not need to be religious to receive this type of palliative care. Spiritual support can help with symptoms and side effects of cancer and treatment no matter what your beliefs.

Chaplains are used to talking with people from many different faiths, as well as those who are not religious. They understand that your inspiration might come from nature or personal beliefs. Their job is to help relieve your spiritual pain.

Spiritual support for caregivers and loved ones

Many cancer patients come up with many questions related to their family members and loved ones. Chaplains help to find answers to these questions, and they come up with many solutions regarding the behavioral and spiritual concerns that you need to follow.

Spiritual support help 

The spiritual care advisor can resolve the following problems:

  • Feeling alone and overwhelmed.
  • Thought of cancer as a punishment.
  • Family-related problems.

Your spiritual care advisor joins with the other members of the health care advisor team to solve your problems related to social and health.