Survivors Community

Survivors Community

Cancer Survivors

When you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Cancer affects people from all walks of life. One thing that can be helpful for cancer patients and their support network is to embrace the extensive cancer community, either passively or actively, depending on your personal preference.


In doing so, you will begin to understand the importance and the strength of survivorship throughout the community of cancer patients and that of cancer survivors as they use their stories as inspiration or education, helping you to move forward on your new journey.

There are countless sources of communication within the cancer society for interaction between patients and their families to share stories and come together in mutual support of one another, these can range from blog posts to cancer society networks, to face to face meet-ups and more.

“The only person that can save you, is you. That was going to be the thing that informed me of the rest of my life”. – Sheryl Crow

From the Doctors Desk is a series of short stories of cancer survivorship that may provide insight into the experiences of others in your shoes. By reading a variety of patient stories, those diagnosed with cancer, as well as that of their family and friends, you can begin to understand the vastly different types of journeys that may be experienced following a cancer diagnosis.

It can be extremely beneficial to read these stories written by or based on a survivor of cancer as they can help to demonstrate a realistic story that highlights the side effects of treatment, the ups, and downs that can be experienced, their interactions with other survivors of cancer and their experiences with the health care system.

While it is unlikely that your journey will be the same as those within the stories you read, it may help you to get your mind around the new world that you are being introduced to, and the stories of survival may inspire you in any number of ways.

“Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet”. – Michael Douglas

Famous Cancer survivors

By reading the stories and experiences of survivorship, other patients, and their families you can begin to understand that you are not alone. Another selection of cancer survivor stories potentially not considered by many is the tales of famous people who have been diagnosed with and survived cancer. While this may not seem beneficial to everyone, it can be extremely important to remember that cancer does not discriminate, and can affect anyone, anywhere.

Famous cancer stories may be narrated in a way that is different from those of “regular people”, as they are constantly in the spotlight, with their journey through cancer and into survivorship documented by the media in a usual manner.

Regardless of the stories you might read, watch, or embrace, remember that the cancer community is always available and ready to welcome cancer patients and their support networks into the community with open arms.

Breast cancer is no more than a chapter in my life story. ‘IT WILL NEVER BE MY LIFE STORY’. – Robin Roberts.