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As part of the #keepbreathing initiative developed by Lung Cancer Network Malaysia and Pfizer, this video tells the inspirational story of Koh Siang Kai, who never gave up hope despite being diagnosed with lung cancer. Today, some five years later and with friends and family’s help, his condition is being managed, and he is living well.

Beacon Hospital - Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC)

Dr Jasmin Loh, Consultant Radiation Oncologist shares about nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC). NPC is one of the more common cancers in Malaysia and can present with bleeding from the nose, stuffiness and nasal congestion, hearing difficulties, ringing in the ears or lumps in the neck. The good news is with modern radiotherapy technology not only is NPC potentially curable but we can minimise the long term side effects and improve survivors’ quality of life.

Early Detection of Liver Cancer : How much do you know?

Most people would associate October with Breast Cancer awareness month, but October is also the month for Liver Cancer Awareness. Did you know? Liver cancer occurs mostly in Asian countries, because of the higher rates of Hepatitis B infection. Watch to find out what Consultant General and Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgeon, Dr Bong Jan Jin, has to say on frequently ‘googled’ questions about Liver Cancer and understand what are your treatment options for early stage disease.

Latest breakthrough in the treatment of liver cancer.

Traditionally, cancer treatment has revolved around chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. But thanks to groundbreaking research on our immune system, we have a new way to treat liver cancer. Join Dr Tho Lye Mun, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, from Beacon Hospital as he explains the latest breakthrough in the treatment of liver cancer.

Did you know that liver cancer development is associated with our dietary and lifestyle habits?

Dr Haniza Bt Omar, Consultant Hepatologist from Hospital Selayang shares her expert advice in this short video on how changes in our lifestyle increases our risk to liver cancer and what YOU can do to prevent it.

Why should you know about liver cancer?

Because it can be prevented if you do your part. How can we do this? Listen to expert Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican, Consultant Hepatologist/Internal Medicine Specialist from Prince Court Medical Centre as he shares his expert advice on what you can do to prevent Liver Cancer.